Stadstournee 2013 - 8th Wijk Concert | COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag

Stadstournee 2013 - 8th Wijk Concert

Monday May 13th 2013 2:00 PM
Location: Den Haag Centrum - WDC De Sprong - Paviljoensgracht 33

An introduction to Baroque music with works by Mozart, Telemann, Fasch, Purcell and Rebel accompanied by an entertaining lecture (in Dutch).

Monday, May 13 - 14:00-15:00 - Den Haag Centrum
Wijk- en Dienstcentrum De Sprong
Paviljoensgracht 33, Den Haag

After four successful Stadstournees (City Tours) between 2009-2012, the baroque orchestra COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag (CMDH) is packing its instrument cases once again for another exciting concert tour of its city. The purpose of the Stadstournee is for the ensemble to acquaint itself with each neighborhood of Den Haag and offer its music to their inhabitants.

Between April 9-12 and again on May 13, CMDH will perform a series of seven free concerts in neighbourhood centres throughout Den Haag and one in the city of Noordwijk. These concerts provide a nice introduction for those unfamiliar with Baroque music, combining the performance with narration (in Dutch) about the music and the instruments.

The neighbourhood concerts will lead up to an exciting final concert in the Paleiskerk on May 23 with the full orchestra under the direction of harpsichordist Claudio Ribeiro. For this concert, CMDH wishes to reach not only its regular public but also the new listeners it has met along its tour.

The musicians of COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag look forward to meeting you during the Stadstournee!



Stadstournee 2013 is made possible thanks to the support of: