Stadstournee 2012 - Final concert | COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag

Stadstournee 2012 - Final concert

Saturday June 30th 2012 8:15 PM
Location: Lutherse kerk - Lutherse Burgwal 7, Den Haag

"Estienne Roger: Italian prints from 18th century Amsterdam"
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Introduction talk at 19:30 by Drs. Margaret Krill.


Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni
Concerto op. 2 no. 1

Arcangelo Corelli
Concerto grosso op. 6 no. 12

Giacomo Facco
Pensieri Adriarmonici op. 1 no. 10

Antonio Vivaldi
Concerto op. 10 no. 5

Concerto a quattro da chiesa op. 2 no. 1

Inês d'Avena, solo recorder

With this final concert, CMDH wishes to reach not only its regular public but also the new listeners it has met along its tour. The musicians of COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag look forward to meeting you during the Stadstournee!



The Stadstournee 2012 is made possible thanks to the support of: