Stadstournee 2011 - Final Concert: Paleiskerk (The Hague Center) | COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag

Stadstournee 2011 - Final Concert: Paleiskerk (The Hague Center)

Thursday June 23rd 2011 8:15 PM
Location: Paleiskerk - Paleisstraat 8, Den Haag

"Telemann’s Woodwind concertos"

concerti for recorders, traversos and calchedon/bassoon and excerpts of the suite 'La Musette' by Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)

Pre-concert talk at 7:15pm

Tickets: €18,50
Discount 65+/students: €15,00
Discount Ooievaarspas: €9,50

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Program: Telemann’s Woodwind concertos
- Excerpts from the Suite “La Musette”, TWV 55:g1
- Concerto in D Major for traverso and orchestra, TWV 51:D2
- Concerto in a minor for 2 recorders and orchestra, TWV 52:a2
- Concerto in b minor for 2 traversos, calchedon/bassoon and orchestra, TWV 53:h1
- Concerto in e minor for recorder, traverso and orchestra, TWV 52:e1

The final concert of the 2011 Stadstournee is dedicated to the well known and loved master Telemann (this year celebrating his 330th anniversary).

The orchestral section to take the spotlight - chosen for its colorful variety - are the winds with works for recorder, traverso and bassoon. All of Telemann’s mastership in depicting moods, shades and styles will surface in what promises to be a memorable concert.

The choices of the concerti were down to musical variety and the magic of instrument combinations. The 18th century all embarking Telemann was a ‘jack of all trades’, master of… all! A skilled musician in various instruments, he was perhaps one of the few of his time able to write to every instrument respecting its own language, its specific musical idiom. The results are true works of art, worth every written and played note.

The pairing of traversos and bassoon (originally calchedon, a type of 18th century lute - and therefore we will use lute with the bassoon), contrasting with the traverso alone dialoguing with strings and the wonderful delirious battle of the recorder and the traverso are a few examples that show an enormous array of affects, and translate into a surprisingly varied program without ever leaving the ‘Telemann world’. Also interesting to hear is Telemann’s masterly technique in absorbing different cultures into his music, delicately depicting the French ‘gout’ but also absolutely making the most of his incursions into Silesia with wonderfully wild folk movements.

The program also includes movements from the Suite “La Musette”, for strings.

With this final concert of the Stadstournee 2011, CMDH wishes to reach not only its regular public but also the new listeners it has met along its tour. The musicians of COLLEGIUM MUSICUM Den Haag look forward to meeting you during the Stadstournee!



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